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Feedback we have received from NHS UK online forms...

The GPs at Bincote Road have always been very caring and committed to providing the best possible advice and treatment for myself and my family. I trust that they have our best interests at heart.
The reception staff are patient and helpful in getting you an appointment date and time that is convenient and with the doctor you have requested.

I am always able to get an appointment when I need one. All members of staff are extremely helpful and the Practice Manager is outstanding. The doctors are extremely considerate and professional. One GP has really gone the extra mile in supporting me and their care is exemplary. Friends in other areas are always amazed by how easy it is for me to get an appointment and the quality of my care. I am extremely grateful to my GP and this practice.

Since coming to London in 1970 my family has been registered with this practice an d we can say that the treatment from the doctors has been excellent at all times. Appointments are made to suit our mutual availability without the delays reported at other practices. The doctors have been so helpful throughout the years and we have absolutely no complaints and can speak most highly of all the practice staff.

I am registering for e prescriptions and thought I would write a quick note. I have always been dealt with in a kind, caring and efficient manner, by all staff, and would definitely recommend this practice. I also had an elderly Uncle who received fantastic care from the doctor who visited him regularly and treated him with dignity and respect.

Last Tuesday:  Last Tuesday, 22nd July, I was stung by a wasp. I soon realised that I was having an allergic reaction. I called a taxi and went to my G.P's surgery, (Bincote Road Surgery). The doctor contacted the local pharmacy and within minutes all the medication I needed was at the surgery. The dr and the team were not only efficient and professional but they were very kind and caring too. They monitored me for approximately two and a half hours and I wasn't permitted to go home until the team were sure I was recovering.  Thank you Bincote Road surgey!

Updating surgery:  The work being carried out is great news and will help patients and staff. The practice is a family orientated one and hopefully will remain so. The Practice Manager is truly remarkable they never stop working yet is always ready to listen if you need help. The amount of Patients the surgery has is amazing and didn't realise the amount until recently. I have had to use surgery quite frequently over the last few years so have noticed changes for the better happening. I feel comfortable speaking to Doctors on a one to one basis and usually come away satisfied of course there is always room for improvement and I think the surgery is working very hard to get things done. Hopefully with the new PPG now getting started Patients will get a chance to be involved in making a very busy surgery even better and understanding more about what goes on.

The best doctor:  The Doctors are excellent. They are very caring always on the go. One of there doctors is a life saviour. This doctor is always available to see me even if fully booked.  They take time talking and assessing patient.  This doctor does listen, Advice before given medication.  I give her 5*, even if win lottery this will always be my GP. Please keep the good job going, and thank you for your care and love.

Anonymous: I highly recommend this practice to anyone. The doctors are caring, very knowledgeable and prepared to give any time necessary to deal with problems. Naturally this can lead to long waits sometimes, but it is common sense that ,short of cutting consultations short, they are going to overrun, The practice offers many amenities that very few others do and patients are very fortunate to be able to have blood tests minor surgery and other procedures that would otherwise mean hospital trips and inevitable waiting
I have never found the reception staff to be other than charming and exceedingly helpful and willing to accommodate patients. and I cannot praise the practice manager highly enough.
I have no trouble booking a same day appointment on the telephone as I plan it when the lines open-even if I have to redial several times. When I hear friends complain about the trouble they have to see a doctor, I feel quite complacent that I am registered with one of the best practices possible and cannot equate this with the appalling reviews that have been written. It does not seem possible. I definitely rate it as a five star service.

My satisfaction with the practice: When I listen to friends' complaints about their GP surgeries, I consider myself very lucky to be at Bincote Rd. surgery, where I have been for more years than I care to remember-indeed was with the same practice before it moved to Bincote RD. In all that time ,I have been highly satisfied with the care I have received and I think in general it has continued to improve over the years. The doctors are excellent and will spend any amount of time necessary when anything is wrong. Their attitude is reflected right through the staff from the excellent practice manager to the reception staff, who manage to keep calm and cheerful when faced with difficult situations and are friendly to everyone who enters. I have no complaints whatsoever and would not hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone.

A Local Gem: When you or a loved one are unwell what you want is a sensitive professional service that is accessible and local - that is what my family and I get any time we interact with the surgery.  The support staff are polite and do their job and in particular the practice manager goes out of their way to welcome patients many of whom they address by first name. The GPs are always attentive and even the locums have the same positive attitude.

Highly professional but with a personal touch: I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this practice, their extremely warm and friendly approach in no way hinders the highly professional standard of service they offer. The only slight problem is that their excellent reputation and popularity can occasionally make arranging a convenient appointment difficult but this is a small price to pay for such excellence.

A caring, well-run practice that provides a personal service: My family (myself, my husband and my two daughters) have always received the highest quality care from the GPs at Bincote Road.  We've had a whole range of ailments since we joined the practice nearly twenty years ago - meningitis, broken bones, asthma, and a benign tumour - to name but a few. Throughout all of this, we've always been able to get an appointment when we need one and have received considered and caring treatment from all of the GPs and nurses that we've seen.  A couple of particular instances stick in my mind.  Soon after my eldest daughter was born she developed a lump on her eye. The advice that we received at A&E was to come back if it closed up. However our doctor had seen such a case before, so they put me in contact with the mother and within 24 hours we were being seen by the leading consultant for Haemangioma's at Great Ormond Street Hospital. my daughter had a procedure to stop the growth and let her function as a normal toddler.  The other instance was after I had a bout of meningitis. Obviously, I went straight to A&E when I contracted the virus. But the GPs at Bincote Rd called me during my recover period to find out how I was getting on.  More recently, I presented with a broken toe and asked the doctor for a private referral. Once again, the caring nature of the practice came to the fore as they specifically asked me to return to the practice so that they could see for themself how I was getting on.  The practice is incredibly well run. The receptionists are very polite, helpful and efficient. The practice manager knows the clients very well, is very approachable and very effective at ensuring that the practice runs smoothly.  Thank you all for looking after my family so well. We really appreciate the personal service that you provide at Bincote Rd.

The most caring practice I have ever known!:  I cannot praise this practice enough - yes I have had to wait to see the Doctor but I have never been rushed during my consultation. The care and due diligence is second to none.  This practice has saved both my children's lives, my life and my mothers life.  When we have had to call the Doctor out during "out of hours" and rarely on the weekend never ever have they made us feel we are putting them out.  I have always had a full explanation on what the diagnosis is and medication prescribed. The whole practice - Doctors, Practice Manager and staff have always been professional, extremely helpful and a Godsend when we have needed their help and support.  I have seen some very cross patients take it out on the staff, but they have remained polite and understanding and always sought to make sure the patient is priority.  Their network with the hospitals in and around London is amazing. After spending 2 years privately banded from one consultant to another and not getting any better, I was referred to a brilliant NHS consultant who has put me on the road to recovery within 6 months!
This Practice gives us a family feeling.  They treat us with respect and courtesy.  They work hard and very long hours to help patients get back on the road to recovery.  They are only human, I would ask that we should remember that.

Never been looked after better:  I've been a patient at Bincote Surgery for nearly 30 years now, in that time I've not had a bad experience with any of the doctors or staff.  My doctor always has a welcoming smile and is pleased to see you, no matter how ill I might be! Very thorough when it comes to finding out whats wrong, makes the time to find out what the problem is and in making sure I get the right treatment - not like some doctors you hear of where they churn through patients like some factory without the human touch. If I've not been able to make it to the surgery, then home visits have been organised, which was fantastic service.  The staff have always been helpful, and I cant fault my main contact at all; helpful, kind and patient.

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